• This One Time When I Went To Sydney


Hello there and welcome!

Do you ever get it when you’re talking to someone and you spontaneously start to tell them a story, then you just stop because you realize the person you’re about to tell it too probably couldn’t care less, its ridiculous and actually you can’t even be bothered to waste your breath saying it. So you end up just saying the first 3 words of a sentence followed by a little mumble before stopping. They normally reply something along the lines of ‘sorry mate what was that?’ Then you’d say ‘ahhh nothing mate don’t worry’ or ‘I didn’t say anything’ and for the benefit of both of you nothing is said, that’s that and you carry on your conversation and lives as normal?

Well that’s exactly how I felt writing every sentence of this blog.

Although for some unknown reason I didn’t stop writing after the first three words…